SBA HUB-Zone Application

SBA HUB-Zone Certification

What Is SBA HUB-Zone Certification?

The SBA HUB-Zone program was designed to increase jobs in low-income areas through Federal set-aside contracts awarded to small businesses located in areas designated as HUB-Zones, and where 35% of the company employees reside in a HUB-Zone. Many millions of dollars in Federal contracts are awarded annually to HUB-Zone certified firms.

Is getting SBA HUB-Zone certified hard?

Originally it wasn't. Recently, however, SBA has made the process of HUB-Zone certification much more rigorous. The process now resembles that required for 8(a) Certification in terms of rigor and close examination of all aspects of the applicant business. As is true with 8(a) Certification, firms wishing to apply for HUB-Zone certification would be well advised to seek professional assistance with this very cumbersome process.

ARA Consulting has many years of successful experience assisting firms to obtain HUB-Zone certification. We can help you as well. Please click on the link below and we will gladly conduct a no-cost screening to determine if you qualify for the SBA Hub-Zone Program.

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