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ARA Consulting is the most experienced and knowledgeable team of SBA 8(a) Program certification consultants in the Nation. Our SBA 8(a) assistance services walk you through every step of the 8(a) application process.

 If we take on your case, you will get your 8(a) certification on the first attempt.

Meet the Nation's Top Team of SBA 8(a) Application and Certification Experts

Joseph Donnini Senior SBA 8(a) Expert Consultant

Joe Donnini is the nation's preeminent expert consultant on 8(a) eligibility.  He ran the SBA 8(a) certification and eligibility office for 27 years.  During that time, Joe personally reviewed more than 35,000 8(a) applications.  It was Joe who made SBA's approval or denial recommendation for each one. 

Joe's level of inside experience and knowledge is one-of-a-kind.  No one else even comes close.

Alanson Anderson Senior Principal Consultant

Alanson Anderson is the founder of the practice.  He is the expert consultant with the longest track record in the nation of helping clients to prepare successful SBA 8(a) applications. 

Since 1983, Alanson has provided assistance a vast number of small disadvantaged businesses to overcome 8(a) application obstacles and gain access to 8(a) program Federal contracting opportunities.

Want to avoid having your SBA 8(a) application returned unprocessed? (Or perhaps SBA has already done that to your first 8(a) application attempt.)

Sadly, that is what happens to nearly all self-prepared 8(a) applications.  But it is entirely unnecessary and entirely avoidable.  Here is what we offer you:

  • The top team of expert 8(a) certification consultants in the nation.
  • Inside knowledge of how SBA operates, how they actually analyze 8(a) applications, and exactly what they want to see. 
  • An unmatched level of SBA 8(a) application assistance experience - well over 6 decades combined. 
  • We know exactly what is needed to develop a Social Disadvantage Narrative that will be approved.  Remember, this is now required of ALL 8(a) applicants. 
  • We specialize exclusively in SBA 8a assistance - it is all we do is all we do.
  • We work on every case as a top expert team - you are never assigned to junior staff.  
  • We make certain that your 8(a) application is done correctly and that all issues are properly addressed.
  • We know exactly which approaches and workarounds will succeed - and which will not.
  • We save you the frustration, the wasted time, and the lost opportunities that returned and denied 8(a) applications cause. 
  • An unblemished successful track record.  
  • If you need expert SBA 8a help, you have found the very best.
  • Put simply, if we take on your case, you will get 8(a) certified.


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Complex and rigorous process:

Obtaining SBA 8(a) certification is a complex and rigorous process.  Trying to get through that process without expert help is usually an expensive mistake that results in wasted time and lost opportunities.  But there is a better - and ultimately less costly - way to get it done.


Imagine if it were possible to have your 8(a) application prepared by SBA itself - and not just someone at SBA, but by the very person who would be reviewing it and deciding its outcome.  And imagine if that person's only goal were to make sure that your application got approved on the first try.

Well, if we take on your 8(a) application case, that is essentially what you will get.  Joe Donnini was exactly that person for 27 years. It will be as if SBA itself were helping you to get successfully 8(a) certified.

Experience and track record:

Simply stated, you will not find expertise like that anywhere else.  Absolutely no one in private practice knows more about SBA 8(a) eligibility or about the application and certification process.  No one else has the same first-hand, inside knowledge of how SBA analyses 8(a) applications and what can be done to successfully and legally overcome eligibility issues.  And no consulting practice has a longer or more successful track record.

No-cost eligibility assessment:

The first step in our 8(a) assistance process is to find out if you can qualify for 8(a) certification.  Please contact or call us to discuss your particular situation.  We will perform a comprehensive eligibility analysis at no charge, and if there is a way you can successfully become 8(a) certified, we'll tell you.  If you cannot qualify, we'll let you know that as well.  Please click here for the CONTACT FORM and we will get back to you promptly. 

Or, if you prefer, our toll free phone number is (888) 440-5562.  

i41Self-Prepared Application

Why can't you just prepare and submit your own 8(a) application?

You can - but you will wish you hadn't.  Less than 1% of applications succeed on the first try without expert help.  SBA's regulations concerning eligibility are far more complex than applicants realize.  And SBA's application system does not provide any useful guidance.  In fact the system actually leads applicants to submit incomplete applications.  So without expert help, you can count on getting your 8(a) application returned to you unprocessed.  That will mean starting over.

Months of wasted time and effort

Months of time gets wasted when SBA returns 8(a) applications unprocessed due to missing elements or eligibility irregularities.  SBA's system only asks for a portion of the documents required by law, so applicants think they have submitted a complete application -- but they haven't.  They only find out when their application is rejected for processing.  And even if they do know they have some eligibility complications that need addressing, very few know how to do that in a way that SBA will accept.

What happens when applicants prepare and submit their own 8(a) applications without expert guidance and assistance

Our top two expert 8(a) certification consultants have the experience and inside knowledge to save you headaches, lost time, wasted efforts and costly missed opportunities. We will do it correctly and make sure your application gets processed and approved on the first try.


Or please click here to fill in the CONTACT FORM.  We will get back to you promptly and perform a no-cost evaluation of whether or not - with our expert guidance - you can successfully apply for SBA 8(a) certification.