SBA 8a Annual Review

Offered as part of our Annual 8(a) Compliance Services subscription.


SBA 8(a) Annual Review - Save Time and Frustration

You have a business to run and many responsibilities to balance.  The demands on your time are huge.  But nonetheless, you don't want to risk permanently losing your 8(a) certification because your are too busy to get your yearly re-certification prepared and submitted on time. 

And once 8(a) status is lost, that's it.  Neither you nor your company can ever get it back.

Why not let us take the lead on completing and submitting this time-consuming requirement?  That way you can concentrate on what is most important -- building your business.

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Yearly re-certification: Each year during your 9 years in the SBA 8(a) Program, you must file an 8(a) Program Annual Review. It is essentially a re-certification application that determines whether your still meet the 8(a) program eligibility requirements. It also tracks your business development progress and whether you are complying with the many ongoing 8(a) program requirements.

Time-consuming project: The Annual Review submission is a detailed and time-consuming project that requires that you:

  • Update all information and data submitted in your original 8(a) application;
  • Submit backup documents to support the updated application information and data;
  • Provide details on all 8(a) contracts you are currently performing;
  • Submit the prior year company financial statements and tax returns, and;
  • Develop and submit projections regarding the 8(a) and non-8(a) contracts you expect to be awarded during the upcoming 8(a) program year.

Staying compliant is critical: You will need to stay up-to-date on current eligibility requirements and address any issues that could potentially cause you to lose your 8(a) status. Remember, SBA 8(a) certification is a one-time opportunity. If you lose it, you can never get it back.

We can help

Many of our clients ask us for assistance with this yearly requirement. We offer this service as part of our Annual 8(a) Compliance Services subscription. The subscription plan includes preparation and submission of the 8(a) Annual Review as well as other needed 8(a) compliance services.  It also entitles subscribers to a 10% discount on any ancillary services we offer.

Plan Cost: The yearly cost of the subscription services plan is $3,000. This can be paid annually, or it can be broken down into convenient semi-annual or quarterly payments to make budgeting easier. If an 8(a) compliance services subscription plan would be helpful to your company, please click here to contact us, or call us at 301-841-7683.

Included in the subscription plan are the following services: