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The nation's top two SBA 8(a) program experts team up to help you get your 8(a) certification on the first try

The SBA 8(a) Program - billions of dollars in Federal contracts for small disadvantaged businesses

Did you know that over half of all the products and services that the Federal Government purchases from small businesses are  through contracts awarded to SBA 8(a) certified businesses? That amounts to over 16 billion dollars per year in contracts that are reserved exclusively for small, disadvantaged businesses that have obtained SBA 8(a) program certification.  So if your company that can qualify to become 8(a) certified, it can open the door to a huge amount of business that would not otherwise be available to you.

Experience counts more than any other factor

The eligibility requirements for gaining SBA 8(a) program certification are complex. And SBA's examination of each applicant's eligibility for 8(a) certification is detailed and rigorous. ARA Consulting is the most expert and experienced SBA 8(a) consulting practice in the nation. We have the in-depth knowledge needed to help your firm to get through this complex process and to successfully obtain 8(a) certification on the first try.


Meet Our Top SBA 8(a) Experts

Joseph Donnini

Joe Donnini is the nation's top expert consultant on 8(a) eligibility.  He ran the SBA 8(a) certification and eligibility office for 27 years.  During that time, Joe personally reviewed more than 35,000 8(a) applications.  It was Joe who made SBA's approval or denial recommendation for each one. 

No one else in private practice even comes close to that level of insider knowledge and expertise.

Alanson Anderson

Alanson Anderson is the founder of the practice.  He is also the expert consultant with the longest track record in the nation of preparing successful SBA 8(a) applications for clients.  Since 1983 Alanson has helped clients to overcome 8(a) application obstacles and gain access to billions of dollars in 8(a) program contracting opportunities.

Together with Joe Donnini, we can do that for you as well.

No consulting practice in the nation has more expertise in matters of SBA 8(a) program eligibility.  Our two experts work as a team on every case we take on.  No case is ever assigned to junior or less experienced staff.  Our team combines unmatched levels of experience preparing 8(a) applications with first-hand knowledge of how SBA analyses 8(a) applications and applies the 8(a) eligibility rules.  If you have a few eligibility obstacles, we will know if they can be successfully and legally overcome.  More importantly, we will know exactly how best to do that.

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